Polishing , Abrasive Stones

Ruby Whetstone & Sticks

Ruby abrasive stone are made from sintered crystals of synthetic ruby. They are extremely hard.
Maintain their shape well and are resistant to wear. They can sharpen and finish extremely hard material such as carbide gravers. Also work on non-metal like glass, porcelain and quartz.
Description Model No. Dimension
Coarse Medium Fine

200 100x4 C M F
201 100x6 C M F
202 100x8 C M F
203 100x10 C M F
205 100x13 C M F

210 100x4 C M F
211 100x6 C M F
212 100x8 C M F
213 100x10 C M F
214 100x13 C M F

Round, Pointed
261 100x5     F

260 100x3 C M F
270 100x4 C M F
271 100x6 C M F
272 100x8 C M F
273 100x10 C M F

220 100x6x3 C M F
221 100x8x6 C M F

231 100x10 C M  

240 100x5x2 C    

Round/Tapered end
255 100x13x5 C    

291 100x15x3-0.5   M F

Tapered Rounded Edge
105 100x30x7-2   M  

RS#700 Polishing Stone Sets

Model No. Dimension (Inch) Grit
203M 4” x 3/8” M
231M 4” x 3/8” M
221F 4” x 5/16” x 1/4” F
231C 4” x 3/8” C
271M 4” x 1/4” M

RS#420 Ruby Midget File Assortment

Ruby stones are extremely fast cutting and perform well on all tool steels. They provide sharp cutting action for fast stock removal. The ruby stone’s consistent breakdown allows the stone to be used dry without loading.
RS#420  Ruby Midget File Assortment
Midget stone set comprises of 11 stones (see below)  - plus one double-ended holder with two collets.
Model No. Description Grit Dimension (mm)
400 A


F 50 x 1
401 B


F 50 x 1
402 C


F 50 x 2
403 E


F 100 x 2
404 F


F 100 x 2
405 G


F 100 x 3
406 D


F 50 x 3 x 0.3
407 H


F 100 x 4
409 I


F 100 x 5 x 1.5
411 J


F 100 x 4 x 1.5
413 K


F 100 x 3
RS#420 Hand grinding set with tool

Ruby Bench Stones

Model No. Grit Dimension
Coarse Medium Fine
100 C M F 100x25x10
101 C M F 150x25x15
111 C M F 120x50x10
Arasive Grain : F: Fine / M : Medium / C : Coarse

Deborit Hand-Lappers

Model No. Dimension Grit Dimension (mm)
15M Rectangle M 150x35x14
15F Rectangle F 150x35x14
19F Half-Round F 150x35x14
Arasive Grain : F: Fine / M : Medium / C : Coarse
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