Polishing Tools

Micron - JR/JM-Series

Types of Diamond Micro Powder:

R Type: Diamond particles are irregular and more friable basic crystal structures. Which is used where a more free-cutting action is required.

M Type: Diamond particles are more regular than R type and more durable basic crystal structure. Which is used where a more heavy duty finishing action is required.
Container: 50 carats or 10 carats per vial.

Specification Cat. No.
R Type M Type
Micron (µm) Color Code 10 Carats 50 Carats 10 Carats 50 Carats
90 (80~100) #200 JR-1002 JR-5002 JM-1002 JM-5002
50 (40~60) #400 JR-1004 JR-5004 JM-1004 JM-5004
35 (30~40) #600 JR-1006 JR-5006 JM-1006 JM-5006
25 (20~30) #800 JR-1008 JR-5008 JM-1008 JM-5008
15 (10~20) #1,200 JR-1012 JR-5012 JM-1012 JM-5012
9 (6~12) #1,800 JR-1018 JR-5018 JM-1018 JM-5018
6 (4~8) #3,000 JR-1030 JR-5030 JM-1030 JM-5030
4.5 (3~6) #5,000 JR-1050 JR-5050 JM-1050 JM-5050
3 (2~4) #8,000 JR-1080 JR-5080 JM-1080 JM-5080
1 (0~2) #14,000 JR-1140 JR-5140 JM-1140 JM-5140
0.5 (0~1) #28,000 JR-1280 JR-5280 JM-1280 JM-5280
0.25(0-0.5) #60,000 JR-1600 JR-5600 JM-1600 JM-5600

Liquid Diamond JBW-Series

Liquid Diamond is designed to enable users to prepare diamond slurries with the lowest possible complication and cost. with a fine mist spray head that is perfect for applying diamond compound thinner.
Applications : HDD texturing, gemstones, ceramics, optical, metallurgical and metal polishing.

Package : 150 gm spray.
Concentration : MEDIUM
Vehicle : Oil/Water Mixed

Package : 150 C.C. spray / 500 C.C. Bottle
Micron (µm) Mesh Color Code Cat. No.
35µ(30~40) #600 RED
25µ(20~30) #800 BROWN JBW-1008
15µ(10~20) #1,200 BLUE JBW-1012
9µ(6~12) #1,800 GREEN
8µ(6~10) #2,000 LIGHT BLUE JBW-020
6µ(4~8) #3,000 ORANGE JBW-030
4.5µ(3~6) #5,000 LT. BROWN JBW-050
3µ(2~4) #8,000 YELLOW JBW-080
1µ(0~2) #14,000 WHITE JBW-140
0.5µ(0~1) #28,000 GRAY JBW-1006
0.25µ(0~0.5) #60,000 SILVER JBW-600

Thinner For Diamond Compound

Oil based primarily for use with RexLee diamond compound to cut and polish
more effectively.
Recommend when polishing tooling, mould and similar components.
Model No. JLC-060 JLC-180 JLC-950
CC 60 cc 180 cc
950 cc


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