Lapping & Polishing Machine

Ultrasonic Lapping EX-2828-40W

REX-2828 40W Ultrasonic Lapping Machine CE
■ Ultrasonic functions with vastly improved reliability and performance.
■ 40W Max output, easily handle most general grinding and polishing tasks.
■ On/Off Foot Switch Free Speed

REX-2828 Power Input OSC Frequency Power Output Output Power Range Size (mm) Weight
AC110V (60/50 Hz)
AC230V (60/50 Hz)
25K ~ 40K Hz
Auto Sweep
40W max 5w~35w W x L x H

EX-H01 Ultrasonic Handpiece Tool Kits
Travel Grinding Head Thread Dis. Weight Open Wrench Hexagon Wrench
16~37um m8×p1.0mm 200g(±30g) #10 and #11 #1.5 and #2.5


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